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❌Sexually Explicit Posts

❌Racist Jokes or Comments

❌Sacrilegious Joking


❌Rude or Mean Comments

❌Drug-Related Posts


➡️ No links to gore, violence, blood, or Copyrighted material of any kind in chat.

➡️ Spamming in chat will result in a warning and possibly getting muted.

➡️ Please do not advertise during a live set of a DJ, unless it is the live DJ's own material linked. (ex. Facebook live, SoundCloud, MixCloud etc.)

➡️ Banter is okay so long as it is doesn't escalate too far.

➡️ Please refrain from heavy discussions as it usually becomes drama or a heated battle between two sides or people ͏

➡️ Please do not abuse the Whisper/PM features, do not PM live DJs during their show/set.͏ ͏

➡️️ When in doubt, Mods and Admins hold final and complete judgment.

➡️ No discussion of illegal content, Torrenting, Piracy, etc, keep sharing away from public chat.

➡️ Preferably keep any discussion in English. ͏

➡️ Pushing the Rules will be counted as breaking the rules. ͏

➡️ If you have an invisible name, offensive name, or a name that is too hard to mention or see you will be asked to change it.

➡️ If you ban/mute evade or use it for any evading, you will be banned based on other identifying markers. ͏

➡️ Only staff may share radio details when in doubt, pass on the request to any STAFF member. ͏

➡️ As a DJ refrain from music with lyrics that may unintentionally be considered as offensive to some. ͏

➡️ Music with explicit themes and/or lyrics is allowed if not offensive to our Audience. And only in moderation.

➡️ We assume the music you play in this music community is from legit origin!


➡️ When sharing song titles, all rules apply to the tags shown in current playing songs, be sure to have them tagged accordingly. ͏

➡️ DJs and staff are the business card of the community, make sure you as a DJ or staff act accordingly.

➡️ At all times, the DJs are responsible for the material they play, REDVIBES merely offers a platform and resources for broadcasting.

➡️ MP3 Music Sharing In Chat Is Not Welcomed On This Website.

➡️ No Gif Bullying Of Any Kind In Chat.

➡️Failure to adhere to the Terms and Conditions set out above may result in a permanent ban from all our services, and where appropriate.

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